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Welcome to Business Prototyping

We develop preliminary sample businesses to test concepts and quickly transform them into efficient, ready-for-market ventures.

By drawing upon the best of what we’ve learned from working with lean startups, agile methods and rapid prototyping, we’ve developed an efficient approach that jives seamlessly with your team’s workflow.

It’s a structured phase-gate process that generates real market metrics to accelerate innovation and make informed decisions every step of the way.


Definition Sprint

We do a quick deep dive on the needs, existing alternatives and trends. We get involved in generating and defining ideas and help you refine your value proposition.



5-6 weeks

We use metrics to gauge the initial level of interest by launching a customer-facing prototype of the business (name, logo, website, copy, materials, tone of voice, ads and more). The resulting data help us refine the business proposition, as the resulting leads become Early Adopters.


Validation of Business Model

1-3 months

We launch a “non-scalable” version of the business that starts serving actual customers to understand key business metrics and ongoing level of interest and viability in a real market setting.


Validation of Scalability

3-6 months

We continue developing and improving the elements of the business to make it scalable and ready for the mass market. We partner with companies to build any required tools for added optimization and growth.


Blitzscaling - Bespoke timelines

Catered to your business

We launch B2B and B2C businesses and make them grow fast using an agile mindset and in accordance with lean methodologies. Forget bureaucracy, complex processes and long meetings. This is go-go-go time!

Services for Companies

We support companies to build and launch new products and services that enhance their roster.


Identify opportunities, determine value proposition, business model and key features to generate value.

Value proposition validation

Gather real market evidence and consumer insights to make data-driven decisions.

Lean testing

Obtain metrics and insights to validate concepts and product-market fit.

Minimum Viable Business launch

Build initial version of the product / service and required operations and launch in the market to validate viability and understand business.

Early-stage growth

Support scaling of the business with dedicated corporate teams.

Innovation strategy

Define and implement the right processes and tools to experiment with new business ideas before leveraging the full potential of the corporation to scale.

Business Factory

Set up, manage and operate the innovation funnel efficiently to maximize the return on the overall portfolio of business ideas.


Upskill employees and enhance company culture through hands-on work and business prototyping trainings.

Companies we work with

Services for Entrepreneurs

We support individuals and visionary teams by turning their ideas into successful real-life businesses.

Opportunity mapping

We dive deep in the market to determine Where to Play (territories) and ideate How to win (solutions).

Business definition

We understand how to generate and capture value by developing the value proposition, business models and key hypotheses to be tested in the market.


We build prototypes of the business idea and test them in the market to validate desirability, feasibility and viability.


Drive growth and continuous improvement of the business to optimize and maximize the generation of value.


Daniel Martin Callizo

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Blai Carandell Saladich

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Gemma Ferrer Calafell

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Paula Bethonico

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Núria Torralba del Blanco

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Toni Llull Vila

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