Does your startup or company have what it takes to improve FC Barcelona's Fan Experience?

FC Barcelona, through the Barça Innovation Hub, is looking to form an ecosystem to foster knowledge and innovation. This ecosystem is based on a model that promotes a culture of excellence and collaboration with prestigious brands, universities, research centres, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, investors, and visionaries around the world.

NOBA Ventures is a consulting firm that specializes in designing new Business Models customers will care about. During the 4YFN event in Barcelona, NOBA is partnering up with the Barça Innovation Hub to provide a chance for startups to demonstrate how their solutions can create value for FC Barcelonas's Fan Experience (both inside or outside the stadium, pre or post match). The startups will follow the NOBA methodology of business design and validation in order to make the most of the available time. 

Some examples:

  • If your startup is in waste management, how can it contribute to create a circular economy in the FC Barcelona's stadium?

  • Can you enhance the experience of getting to the FC Barcelona's stadium on a game day?

  • Can you provide solutions for food & drinks?

  • How can you hype fans up before and after the match?

WHEN: "Match-time" is Wednesday February 28th from 13:00-14:00h at the 4YFN in Barcelona.

Why should you sign up:

Are you a motivated entrepreneur whose product or service can be applied to improve the FC Barcelona's stadium experience? The NOBA Match time event will be an opportunity to showcase your product to up to 80 selected assistants and have a chance to prove your solution for FC Barcelona's use case as well as some user feedback. Also, you will be coached through the process by NOBA's Business Designers, applying a methodology that has been applied in corporates and startups in a variety of sectors.

If you think you have what it takes, please carefully read the following rules and submit your proposal by February 19th, 2018, in the link below:

Entry rules and regulations:

  • Any startup or company exhibiting with a booth at 4YFN can participate. 

  • The final Match-time event at 4YFN will be hosted by NOBA Ventures and does not legally bind the startup in any way with any of the parties involved.

  • The acceptance or awarding of the startup or company does not imply a working relationship with either FC Barcelona or Barça Innovation Hub.

  • The startup may not claim to be working for FC Barcelona or Barça Innovation Hub and, unless explicitly given permission, may not use their logos on its website or other communication channels.

  • The IP of the showcased products and services will belong to the startup/company.

  • The 5 participating startups/companies will be chosen based on uniqueness, value added and captured.

  • Submitting the proposal implies accepting the entry rules and regulations.

If you are interested, here are the next steps:

  • Please sign-up through the form by February 19th, 2018.

  • We will review the proposals and select the 5 most promising.

  • We will work together with the chosen 5 to iterate the proposal and make the event a success.