We set up experiments and build temporary startups to validate product-market fit and business models before scaling.

We believe that the secret to success is efficient execution. This is why we apply a structured phase-gate approach with specific metrics and tools to validate the different parts of a new business.


In every gate, we track and measure every single step of the funnel to take informed decisions based on real market data.


Definition Sprint

We do a quick deep dive on the needs, existing alternatives and trends. We get involved in generating and defining ideas and help you refine your value proposition. If required, we get involved.


Validation of Business Model (1-3 months)

We launch a “non-scalable” version of the business to understand key business metrics and ongoing level of interest in a real market setting. We start serving customers.




Product-Market-Fit (3-4 weeks)

We set up and launch a customer-facing prototype of the business to understand the initial level of interest: logo, website, copies, materials, tone of voice, ads, etc. It's D-day: time to launch your business and get results within 2 - 3 weeks. We acquire the Early Adopters.


Validation of Scalability (3-6 months)

We continue developing and improving the elements of the business to make it scalable and ready for the mass market.

Keeping an agile mindset and following lean methodologies, we launch B2B and B2C businesses and make them grow fast. Forget bureaucracy, complex processes and long meetings.

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