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Understanding the value of a Smart Cap for a bottled water business

Danone | Font Vella


Danone approached NOBA to understand the value of a smart cap linked to a mobile App to help users track their hydration level.

We identified the following key business questions

The first step is to determine the core value proposition and the underlying assumptions to test.​

  • Who are the best customer segments & early adopters?

  • What is the initial interest and level of use of the smart cap over time?

  • What features would provide most value to users?

  • Value of the following business business model:

    • Revenues from cap sales

    • Impact on water sales

Sonar Launch

Pre-sales campaign | 3 weeks

​Secondly, we wanted to determine the product-market-fit. We began by launching a “pre-sale” to measure the initial level of interest.

  • Defined 3 VPs and possible targets

  • Created a temporary brand for the launch (name, identity, etc.)

  • Launched an online campaign to evaluate interest in different value propositions and target segment for parents & sport-enthusiasts

  • We launched a telemarketing campaign to test concept with corporates with healthy-habits programs

  • Iterated in benefits and price points

  • Acquired our early adopters

Alpha Launch

Pre-totyping the service | 3 weeks

​Once we identified the right target segment and value proposition, we proceeded to launch a non-scalable version of the service. We wanted to determine the on-going level of interest and business metrics. For this part, we tapped into the pool of acquired early adopters in the SONAR launch.

  • Invited 40 consumers to receive coaching on nutrition with no incentive other than receiving daily reports

  • Tracked the consumption via WhatsApp messages through pictures and text, before estima

  • Evaluated impact in water consumption when providing recommendations by comparing control group with group receiving messages

  • Prepared initial business case

  • Uncovered needs for designing the first version of the APP

Beta Launch

First Minimum Viable Product | 6 weeks

​Having discovered an interesting segment and value proposition, as well as a compelling business case, we were involved in building the scalable components of the business: the actual device and the app. The purpose is to start building the elements that will turn this into a business.

  • Smart packaging prototype with a simple app

  • New features introduced weekly via other tools such as whatsapp

  • Identified features inducing highest engagement

  • Confirmed change in water consumption


Scaling the business

​With a successful business model and exciting device, the company asked us to be involved in the growth stage. The goal is to build up the business during an early phase until the company is ready to absorb it.

  • Scaling user base

  • Handling payments and delivery

  • Managing campaigns and identifying and measuring growth levers

  • Customer support

This product is currently available in the Spanish market, sold at