Smart control of Reverse Osmosis membranes in desalination plants

Through our proprietary algorithm, LifeSpan provides a precise analysis of time left to membrane replacement in Reverse Osmosis



Reverse Osmosis membranes are costly and critical components of desalination operations. Currently, they are not optimally being used, which leads to excessive costs and residues. Furthermore, especific operative conditions can increase stress on the membranes and therefore unexpectedly cut their life short.


LifeSpan works through prorietary alorithms that have been specifically designed for desalination plants. It provides information on the condition of the Reverse Osmosis membranes in a rack and is able to estimate time to replacement, in order to plan or anticipate maintance operations.


How does it work

The LifeSpan system feeds off of the data already available on current control mechanisms (PLC) to process and show the remaining time and volume of filtering left for optimal results. It is able to reduce costs while keeping margins of safety.

Furthermore, the system provides alerts when unusual activity is detected on the racks in order to make revisions or changes.

This information is continuously shown on the cloud, and is accessible from any device (laptop or mobile), or can be integrated into plant management systems.



Know the conditions of the membranes in real time

Reduce investment in membranes and reverse osmosis, as well as residue management

Avoid unplannned downtime and anticipate maintenance checks

Optimize maintenance team management and reduce prevention costs

Obtain real cost of membranes to be more competitive in future tenders


We offer two types of plans according to your needs

Plan A

Plan B

Continuous control 

(control panel)

Punctual diagnosis



About LifeSpan

LifeSpan is a Barcelona-based company with a vision to improve operations and efficiency in the  water management sector through data analysis.

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