We support corporates in the various stages of innovation to launch new products and services: ideation, lean testing, development, launch, and early-stage growth. We do so under the company’s brand, with temporary startups or by guiding internal teams.

Companies we work with

Some cool projects we have helped launch



A smart cap that provides the user with real time information on hydration.

We supported Danone's development in the early stages by validating the business behind the product before it was developed.

Pharma Co.


We supported our customer, a Pharma company, by pre-selling its product through online presence and launching a campaign to assess its market acceptance and target group with real metrics.


evian® (re)new

France & UK

A connected in-home natural
mineral water appliance featuring
a unique design that significantly reduces plastic packaging.

We supported the soft launch 
of the product to 200 families
in Paris and London.

Circular Laundry


A circular service to reuse clothing by selling and buying second-hand clothes in laundromats.

We supported an industrial washing-machine manufacturer that caters to laundromats worldwide by building and launching the service, including online presence, communication campaign and a fully operating pop-up shop to obtain real market data during two months to test its business viability.



Smart control algorithm of
Reverse Osmosis membranes in desalination plants.

We supported the company in its business development worldwide
before its official launch, helping
them iterate the value proposition, features and business model.



A smart leak detector that enables any field maintenance worker to locate with precision the source of a leak in water distribution systems thanks to its own AI proprietary software.

We supported the company in worldwide its pre-launch, validating the business model, capturing customers and finding investment.