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The Impact of Covid-19 on Corporate Innovation


Together with our India-based partners, Startup Réseau , the NOBA team has spent the past few weeks interviewing CEOs, CIOs and key stakeholders from 23 multinational companies to assess the effects on corporate innovation strategies.



A circular packaging service that will eliminate residue in food-delivery and take-away restaurants.



A methodology that provides real customer data and insights.

We partner with a Fieldwork agency with 30+ years experience in Spain, UK, Poland and LATAM to develop and launch worldwide.



A box that delivers your child's favourite toys, clothing and accessories right to your door. Pay for what you want, and return the rest.

We coached the startup from idea to 5 digits revenue (August 2019).

Term Sheet Academy


A course with experienced entrepreneurs and investors to learn the meaning and impact of the different elements of a term sheet when looking for investment.


India, Europe

A startup in the medical field.​ Omics and AI based Smart Information System to manage complex diseases.

We are in charge of assisting their business development in Europe.